Actually, my name is Estefi Martinez, although most people know me as Pedrita Parker. I’m an illustrator, entrepreneur, speaker, writer and mentor. Since 2015 I have worked with international clients like Coca-Cola, Samsung, Mini, Sony, Cruzcampo, IKEA or Netflix and prestigious agencies like McCann.

I have always had a great passion for telling stories: And now, I do it every day through my illustrations where I explore the complexity of the female universe, mental health and interpersonal relationships. My style is fresh, casual and playful with hints of humor but with deep uplifting messages. I usually work in digital, but I love exploring new formats and more traditional techniques.

As an entrepreneur, I have created my own brand and lead a small studio since 2014 where, together with my team, I design, produce and manage the online sales worldwide of hundreds of products with my name. We have been awarded in the categories of digital marketing and social media.

As a speaker I have participated in specialized talks about creativity and entrepreneurship, including a TEDx talk in 2021. I have taught workshops and masterclasses, I have hosted a podcast,  I have written and illustrated 7 books with publishers such as Lumen, Larousse and Lunwerg and I was honored to have a solo retrospective exhibition of my career in 2022 and an exhibition in 2023 at the Contemporary Art Museum in Velez Málaga.

I live and work from Benajarafe, a small town in Malaga (Spain) where I was born.

Pedrita Parker’s illustrations exhibited at Contemporary Art Museum in Velez Málaga


Let’s go on a special and artistic guided tour with Pedrita Parker


Pedrita Parker’s first retrospective exhibition in Málaga


We all need creativity and humour


Pedrita Parker launches her designs in Internet


Pedrita Parker is a small brand of stationery products and accessories designed for brave, powerful, casual and spatial girls -you know, for women who are not from this world-. We love to make you smile, feel loved and feel good.

We are a small team who takes fun seriously and cares about quality. Our love for colorful designs and beautiful messages resonates in our beautifully curated products. Our purpose is to send you a package full and receive it with the same enthusiasm that we make it for you.